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Captain. I have quoted for you the heaviest critic of mergui91. Its not any of us that you mentioned. There are so many people who hate mergui because he is full of BS.
sorry. i correct myself.

on top of being very sarcastic and critical, annetyu and u have 1 more similar trait.

the tenacity to go on and on.

u are a very frequent contributor in property thread ever since u started.

that keeps you very different from the rest of the critic of merg91.

u have 100plus post within less than a month. it shows a very similar effort put up by annetyu as b4.

and annetyu has used a clone before. so i have my valid reasons for being suspicious.

my job is to let pple judge what i just said and leave them to decide if my suspicion is valid.

i repeat again, stop the verbal fight with others and i stop too.

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