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credit card usage for wedding

Hey guys,

Is it possible to pay off my balance and reset the credit limit before the statement bill.. and is the reset instantaneous ?

I have trying to figure out how to pay my full wedding cost using 1 card.. Unfortunately, my wedding cost exceeds my credit limit and I only have 2 weeks left.

I do have the full amount to cover my wedding cost but I want to pay through my CC for the points.

So, I am wondering if I could split my wedding bill into 3 parts ( pay on 3 consecutive days while each day settling the balance with the bank)

e.g. Wedding cost 30k,if I manage to split 10k x 3 days.

1 day: use CC to cover 10k with the wedding banquet, settle with bank, reset limit.
Repeat day 2 and day 3.

is this even possible?
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