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oh, can reserve 1 week in advance ah? Thanks. Just now i asked the cso caller, he was quite sales pax insist do now else he cant promise me...

Because my initial plan was start on 3 days ago Mon just nice. I still trust black white paperwork more, most likely I walk in their beach road office tomorrow again to do the necessary, then see if they can pang chance let me next Mon then collect start drive.

Ya, $700+ petrol vezel is definitely out of my range. Too xiong for noob le.
I was reading up on fc, i think i will ask them for either Mazda 3 or Toyota Axio. $600+ range maybe later after I used to driving first.

xiexie all the laojiao bearing with my qns. Sibey sian, at the same time I still sending out job applications fingers crossed...
Get a job is better. Lol
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