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My personal suggestion is the aim what you like but get something practical I.e. A low cost decent ride and work on it first before you chnage to these high rental ones.

This thing has been talk over and over again for countless time. If you don't listen to the people who work on ground, just go for whatever you like. Because end of the day non of us will earn a cent from you. Cheers.

oh, can reserve 1 week in advance ah? Thanks. Just now i asked the cso caller, he was quite sales pax insist do now else he cant promise me...

Because my initial plan was start on 3 days ago Mon just nice. I still trust black white paperwork more, most likely I walk in their beach road office tomorrow again to do the necessary, then see if they can pang chance let me next Mon then collect start drive.

Ya, $700+ petrol vezel is definitely out of my range. Too xiong for noob le.
I was reading up on fc, i think i will ask them for either Mazda 3 or Toyota Axio. $600+ range maybe later after I used to driving first.

xiexie all the laojiao bearing with my qns. Sibey sian, at the same time I still sending out job applications fingers crossed...
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