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Whether i breaking ppl rice bowl to how much extend. Who can confirm this? First i dun work in grab? If i so influential to affect grab pricing. I think i should be working somewhere higher up there? Does this sounds logical to u?

I can only say. How much the phv population is actually reading this forum?

Ppl keep saying i force my views on others. Did i? I am just being very opinionated towards my views. Just that those who dun buy my views try to stir. Who is trying to force their views on others? Mind u this is a forum, and i also never disagree with anyone’s views here but more like ppl trying to disagree with me... so who is the one actually forcing their views?

Besides the past whatever i post is just reference especially to newbies. At least my reference i dun charge a fee like those ‘masters’.

Anyway those ‘hatred’ is just some guy and his clones. And more ppl fell for it and direct their ‘hatred’ towards me.

My posting style remains the same since the earlier threads. Nothing has changed but only recently dun u find suddenly got this ‘many hatred’ towards me. Dun u find it strange?

Perhaps the admin/mod should run some checks here and remove these clones to restore this thread back to the usual informative and sharing thread. Instead of a stir **** thread. Want stir **** go to edmw and find other threads to stir ****.


Dude I'm a very neutral person here. I believe one of the reasons people here dislike you in some way is you are too insensitive towards certain things.

You are breaking people rice bowl directly/indirectly. You go think carefully the things people saying and your doing. You may find the answer.

Anyway I'm happy for you that you manage to find a fr job and working well with the people there.

P.s. Im also a very insensitive person but I already felt that I did something wrong in the past hence I stop doing it. Sometimes silent is gold.

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