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once i chatted with a hotel staff in maxims who told me they know some people even selling their extra rm for a profit but as along as the card holder is present they will relent and that was some years ago. even in rws i also know such things happen but hardrock htl told me dont take risk with strangers apparently some members had to fork out penalty for towels and stuff taken fr hotel. i mean the members will be ultimately responsible but earn in sgd is better than rm. as to whether it will work in the absence of the member i am not too sure.
Ya ya, heard of this story as those high rollers always have free rooms. So sometime if they wanted more funds they will sell their free stay cheap cheap to friends. Will take note, thx

If the room is booked in his name, then you will need his passport.

The Silver Card can only be used to register as a 'guest' so that you can have a 2nd room key.
Ok, i will probably use my card to book 2 rooms and ask the other group to book their room via agoda bah

So by default, 1 room = 2 cards?
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