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No offense. But obviously obvious. 3points is the cake. Cleansheet is the icing. But we need to be more ruthless. We've been riding our luck at times. It's a game of fine margins.
No worries. Everyone also wish there is a clean sheet but last Alisson got only 20 clean sheets and all time record only Cech got the highest in EPL of 24 which was in 04/05.

We are only 3 games into the season so we have be more focus on winning for now. The clean sheet will come.

As for ruthless, I agree but nowadays team then to have 2 person marking our front 3 when they have the ball and coz they know how scary our front 3 is. Look at Arsenal today, come to anfield and park the bus. When has a Arsenal team play park the bus to such extend when playing against us. This show that we are a team that everyone is afraid of and don't want to give us too much space.

Salah second goal prove this point. Went past Luiz and he score.
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