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With mig ppl complain, with Adrian ppl here also complain. What do you all want? Another world class goalkeeper?

Don't compare Adrain to other top 8 first choice goalkeeper. If he is that good, we would not have been released without a club and he certainly would not be contented with sitting on the bench.

Stop comparing him to Mig, no1 in the EPL want him but he is not contented to sit on the bench that is why he leave.

Go support Man City if you want world class players in all position even second choice players coz LFC cannot afford and no team current in the EPL can afford that except for them
No one comparing Adrian to other top gk. Only compare to migs. We complain also within our team. Nothing farfetched. So if can complain migs, also can rant on Adrian. Its fair. Why only migs deserves scrutiny?

This is also to kill off the hype initially that he is as good as youtube showed. When you realise, gk makes mistakes, than prolly we'll be more glad whoever is between the sticks.

Fark off telling ppl to support another team. Are u more worthy than others to support this club? And we choose not to spend, not becos we couldn't afford.
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