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YouTube hype? From who? You mean u believe all this video that's y you come in n compare Mig to Adrain?

Stop trying to talk Abt social media and be realistic. He is our second choice and he is performing as our second choice.

N don't scold ppl f off. I did not talk Abt myself been more worthy but if you think I am more worthy than u so be it. Only fans like you will keep comparing current players with players than are unwilling to play for LFC.

I nvr support our player blindly. I too criticize them when they play badly but nvr have I compare them to player that left all bcoz I believe the current players that are in LFC are worth our support as fans and they are unique in the own way.

If you are a true fan, you should just focus on the bad and good of our own player. Not comparing them to others all the time. If you guys are so good at judging and always think tat other players is always better than our current player then why don't you all go manage a football team then let us know if you are that good at reading a crystal ball

Btw spend or not is up to Klopp. After 4 seasons and you still complain Abt him not spending then you are really not worthy of been a LFC fan. Go read up on Klopp history and what he did for us for the past few years before commenting on this forum.

No one comparing Adrian to other top gk. Only compare to migs. We complain also within our team. Nothing farfetched. So if can complain migs, also can rant on Adrian. Its fair. Why only migs deserves scrutiny?

This is also to kill off the hype initially that he is as good as youtube showed. When you realise, gk makes mistakes, than prolly we'll be more glad whoever is between the sticks.

Fark off telling ppl to support another team. Are u more worthy than others to support this club? And we choose not to spend, not becos we couldn't afford.
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