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Like I said I did not compare like u did. N pls, if you read my post it wasnt jus got you. It was for all those that compare Mig n Adrain. You come quote me n told me to f off so I have to quote you.

You don't like my post you can ignore don't need to quote me and told me to f off. What a loser.

I did not said I don't want to spend. I said Klopp don't want to spend. It's Klopp decision not mine. As long as he deliver I don't care if he spend or not.

N did we lose or play badly for not spending? If u r so good then make a call Klopp and ask him to spend to get another goalkeeper which you think is better than Adrain.

A fan complaining and tot he know better comparing himself to a European Champion Manager. Really a joke.
You deserved the fark off jus for insinuating valid fans to support other clubs. I'm a prick for being that triggered.

U really gotta check on Wat u mentioned while u go abt twisting your statements.
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