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So what? Like I said not happy then don't quote me. You deserve to be insulted for comparing too. For complaining Klopp not spending you deserve to be call a plastic fan too.
I don't care how long you support the team but just 3 games and we won btw so if you are not happy with Adrain mistake I can understand but if you like to compare him to Mig (a player who quite LFC) then you are a plastic fan

A fan who complain and compare no matter what the team does and always tot the know better than the manager who happen to be European CL winner. Hahaha you are really a joke.

Enjoy your time here. I will just ignore you and thanks for quoting me to prove me right that you are a plastic fan.

You deserved the fark off jus for insinuating valid fans to support other clubs. I'm a prick for being that triggered.

U really gotta check on Wat u mentioned while u go abt twisting your statements.
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