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It's standard jrpg convention, keep looping a piece of music. No matter how good, after hours you will get tired of it. Worse are some games that try to loop a short 'cheerful' music when you are in town. One recent offender is the Doraemon harvest moon game (I only watched let's plays, didn't play), after 30 seconds you want to turn it off. The 2 separate videos I saw, the streamers went looking for menu option liao, but cannot, lol, have to watch long opening scene before gaining control.

No voice acting in PS4 version is perfectly fine. The were still changing the script till late in production, you can imagine if have to keep bringing back the voice actors to re-record parts, or have to compromise and keep older script (cos voices already recorded), impacting the story. The whole series never had voice anyway (first DQ with voice is the Musou spin-off).

The Switch version of the game will definitely be much longer cos you will be listening to the dialog, which is slower than reading. When playing games, I often will skip to the next spoken line if the skip option is there, impatient lah, unless the voice acting is so good. Honestly I would rather have no voice than have those half-done voices, like only cut scenes have voice acting, other dialogs, side quests only sound effect words or few common words. Again, the Doraemon Harvest Moon game is big offender in this.
maybe i am too old liao. got tired easily. or I got spoiled by Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

yeah. Triple A JRPG without voice acting nowadays a bit odd.

oh this is my first Dragon Quest. maybe not used to the music style.
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