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So indo set have nfc hardware capabilities? Last I read was that indo set doesn't come with nfc function, unsure if it's limited by the indo ROM (possibly activated by flashing global rom) or there's no nfc hardware at all

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as far as i known of there are couple of model number for it. India set has model number end with "I". China set has another model number, South-East Asia set has like 1 or 2 model number and the last one is global set end with "G". hardware wise practically the same, it is the firmware (ROM) that makes the features difference for each of the model number. India set does not support NFC with the Indian ROM. China set has an extra low frequency band which is mainly for rural area with the Chinese ROM. the rest follow the global ROM.

it is ridiculous for Xiaomi to have different hardware made for each of the market as that basically increase their cost overhead. the cheaper method is to do it at the firmware level. that is why we can import China set, flash it with global ROM.
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