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Ya. Mine also state it is an official international version only. How to know it is not a local set?
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Easiest way bring down to xiaomi service center and get them to verify lor. Or get someone who bought their phone directly from xiaomi shops to post screenshot of their imei verification. Right now i am more inclined to feel more fishy about sets that show delivery addresss from other countries.

From Mi A2 thread

These folks bought from export set sellers.
1 month shop warranty. Did a verification check at Xiaomi website, it indicates the delivery address is Indonesia. If spoil go to Indonesia for repair? lol
How to verify authencity of the mi a2 ?

i just got one for $298 from Qoo..
I check on xiaomi verify with IMEI and it states the correct Mi A2 4gb/64gb but it's from Paraguay.

However, I dont have the scratch off 20 digit security code label at the back of the box.
So now I'm stuck.. i donno whether it is authentic.. #FML.
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