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They also human. Everyday need to entertain ppl also very hard to work. Sometimes also wants to be appreciated, if people buy thing for them they also will be happy ma.

Can't be go there pay 25rm for oil change and expect $150 worth of service. On this note I am sure Singapore has $150 service and gives you 25rm standard.

I think in life there are more to just paying for a service and stops there.

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problem with them i encounter is i ask nicely and all but still kanna black face with lousy attitude + chop carrot price but that because maybe they don't like my face and i drive a conti car. The work i ask them to do is just a simple oil change labour, change oil filter labour + change spark plug labour 85rm which i feel is over price by jb standard. I still went ahead because is already late like 5+pm when i reach there. By giving black face still need me to buy them drink + food is confirm a big no no.
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