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I received my rejection email this morning & also realised that the application window closed yesterday (sians) so I called MOE on regards to the nearest application window (or if I have any chance to apply this year) and they told me to apply again.... NEXT YEAR :-)))))))

Kinda sad bcos teaching is the only thing that iím certain about doing & I donít really have a back-up plan for my life SO if anyone has a job opening, please hit me up :-)
Hey, don't worry, i understand what you mean. You can try and apply for relief teaching to gain experience and feel what it's like to be a teacher, then apply for PDGE next year! Application for relief teaching closing on 31st august! So if u wan, can apply for that first! Or you can do relief teaching AND tuition at the same time. Jiayou ok, we are all on the same boat!
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