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I received my rejection email this morning & also realised that the application window closed yesterday (sians) so I called MOE on regards to the nearest application window (or if I have any chance to apply this year) and they told me to apply again.... NEXT YEAR :-)))))))

Kinda sad bcos teaching is the only thing that im certain about doing & I dont really have a back-up plan for my life SO if anyone has a job opening, please hit me up :-)
Emailed them also:

We may wish to clarify that currently in Careers@gov, unsuccessful applicants are not able to submit a fresh application for the same job within 6 months from the date of their unsuccessful application. You can consider re-submitting your application after that.

Your application will be considered on its individual merit, in competition with other applications received in the same window.

Please note that your application for the position of a trained teacher will be considered based on our organisational requirements and only shortlisted candidates will be informed. For applicants who are unable to attend an interview in Singapore, their application may be processed outside of the above application windows.
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