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Let me just share my wife's experience. after poly, she applied for teaching. they gave her option only to teach Malay. she insist on General. was rejected. She applied to work with ICA meanwhile. after 3 rejections, mainly for as a Malay teacher or just rejected, she was accepted finally! Even so, it was just contract teaching for a year or so until the start of NIE. at any point of time, MOE can still reject her if her performances in her contract school was bad. 4 years later, completed Diploma and managed to crossover and complete the Degree programme. And guess the irony. She dropped out of JC after 2 years. Didn't get outstanding GPA for her poly. Purely perseverance to get into the Diploma Programme.

Ending up with a 2nd lower Hons, I would say remarkable considering her struggles from the start, from rejection letters, contract teaching, diploma and lastly, to degree. and now, she's doing well in her school. probably her personality helps a lot in the transition.

As compared to me, applied for NIE in first try, got in the first try. Direct into Degree programme (Maths major). Enjoy teaching in school but not the baggage that comes along with it. No longer with MOE now. I was given the easier opportunity, but it still wasn't the right fit for me in the end.

so to those who really want it, don't give up! but be careful to those who think it will be easy. If you're in the diploma programme, you need to work your ass to cross over into the degree programme. tough as it may, you will hate being just a diploma teacher in school. less progression, same workload as others. you sure?

Even after graduation, it's not an easy job. Depending on your school, certain bootlicking skills are required. you need to tank on more loads. BTs are not supposed to be overloaded, but who cares. somebody need to do it. and BTs are bottom of the foodchain. and NIE will suddenly feel easy. even 5 years later, it will be easier but you will crave to leave. for some, they can adapt. but for people like me, it's better for me to leave.

If you're socially awkward, tend to be honest most of the time, prefer things to be done your way(even if it's easier for everyone), hate changes that doesn't make common sense(due to higher ups' decisions), please don't even bother to join. It'll be harder for you. VERY VERY HARD! sure, some teachers are like that, but inside, most of them are constantly facing the struggles. your personality will determine how easy life will be in the school. especially, if you don't mind the bootlicking route to go up.
Hey there! What you shared was really insightful! I agree that personality fit is important too! So how would u describe ur wife's personality vs yrs, which makes her a better fit?

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