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How come passengers can eat and drink in the car? Honestly as a passenger, I feel only drinking of plain/ mineral water should be allowed and no food nor sweet drinks.

I was sharing a ride yesterday and to my amaze, a co-rider was eating biscuits (crumps dropping on the seat and floor) and drinking bubble tea. Never mind, still drinking and sucking the pearls until so loud and noisy! Isn’t this eating and drinking in the car inviting ants and cockroaches?

If you are a passenger and reading this, please be more considerate la. Please also do not leave behind tissue papers in driver’s cars. That “tiny pocket” at the side of the car doors are not meant to hold your dirty tissue papers! Shouldn’t you take that used tissue paper with you when you alight from the car and throw it into a rubbish bin?

Grab should impose a fine to these inconsiderate passengers. Install a camera at the rear window to capture the act of these self-centred people. Singaporean’s only react to FINES.
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