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Just had my Huawei and AC plus installed today and tried below. Did not chect the FW version.

Step 2 I straight away go to change mode switch to bridge then apply. The Huawei restarts. After that I was presented with the login screen of the Huawei again but did not log in.

After some time, the page changed to the AC plus page. I assume the AC plus will detect the Huawei is in bridge mode and change itself to router mode. Cannot surf so I restart the AC plus. Still cannot surf after it had booted up.

Should the AC plus auto detect if the Huawei is in bridge or router mode and auto configure itself?

Username: support

1: Enable DHCP relay under LAN configuration
2: Advance Configuration -> Maintenance??? -> Mode switching ->Bridge
AC Plus is a router but its router features are all disabled and it works as an AP. that is why when you change the ONR to ONT you can't get internet. for those who changed the ONR to ONT are because they want to use 3rd party router. for your case, either you get a 3rd part router or you just have to change back to ONR if you want to use AC Plus
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