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why u wanna think so much?

how they handle their operations is none of our business

besides, how they handle their cash does not value add to ur driving.

Technically my weekly open contract still have few days to go. Then, dont forget also need to give 7 working days advance notice before return car leh.

Now I am putting my bet on Monday call in to GR to beg or threaten , see if they can give a less painful solution for me when the car is in the workshop for repairs. The worst scenario i guess is 2 days rental still pay, don't lend me a replacement car to drive during the 2 days, of course still have to pay the $1070 excess.

Btw, have you all pay the excess at pegasus before??? I was stun when the staff say cash terms only. She was telling me the workshop is always packed full almost every day. If 1 day 10 cars, thats 10k cash. The place looks so ulu, not scare wan meh keep cash...
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