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thanks bro. i am trying hard to put down le. she seems to be feeling the guilt also. have not been messaging each other le. time to call it quit i guess.
sorry maybe i am still too young to understand...
不是你的错,男人是犯贱的。backside itchy already right?
it takes a lot of effort to stop or to quit. all is 一线之差。Many don like to hear the right thing, i also have to say it:

why get involved with married woman? she also has family. unless she is a divorcee. Please don break your own family and others. If single still can marry her as 2nd wife. Paper cannot cover fire one in the long run.

i can marry 4 wives though but it takes money to execute it. plus not easy to convince first wife plus the quarrel and fights that i will be involved, where got time for all these nonsense... at my age all these is the least important liao. I have more important things and mission to do.

grow up my fren. no woman no cry, no money man die.

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