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Beyond a shadow of a doubt, drive with Smove if you can’t find a relief partner. It can be challenging to keep up with the planned schedule when you’re a uni student, as there are school commitments that you’ll have to consider.

I discourage leasing a vehicle for three months as you have not experienced PH driving. The convenience of a car is a pleasant thought but the financial commitment is a burden. PM me if you want me to assist you


I just got my pdvl and would like to drive part time. I was wondering what the best rental options for me are.

I will roughly be driving from:
Tuesday 6am to 9pm with about 2hr break - 13hr
Wednesday 6am to 9pm with about 2hr break - 13hr
Thursday 9pm to 12am - 3hr
Friday 7am to 11am, 5pm to 7pm and 11pm to 1am - 8hr
Saturday 9am to 12pm and 11pm to 1am - 5hr
Sunday 9am to 12pm and 9pm to 12am - 6hr

So total about 48hr per week

The options i know of are
1) toyota vios 3 month rental - 55 a day
2) relief driver
3) smoove or tribecar

Im looking to make about 1 to 2k a month for pocket money. I am still studying in Uni.

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