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It's been 16 days since I stopped contacting the 2LS and payments. It's only once that they called my office and that too hanged up. Since then it's quiet. I have another big issue that am not sure what to do. I am owing 3 LML and I have delayed the repayment and today is the due for all 3. I don't have a single cent to pay them and am very worried. My family is not aware of all these and please advise me what to do. Thank you
LS can be settled by making police report and install CCTV.
LML is not so easy to handle unless you manage to pay them regularly according to the paying plan.
You better borrow money from relatives or advance salary from your boss to pay them to avoid any embarrassment whether at home or office.
They really will show up and stand there face to face with you unlike the LS.
Some will bring along big banner.
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