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Question help! university graduate going back to undergrad (medicine)?

hi all, i am a finance degree holder from an average american university with an inferior gpa of 2.8/4.0. after college, i worked in a bank for 2 years. not a very prestigious one. i did compliance, assistant relationship manager and sales in commercial banking (at least not selling credit cards hehe)

i'm planning to apply for NUS Medicine Undergrad AY20/21 but with my performance so far, it seems hopeless... besides my horrible grades, i dont really have a solid science background. i was taking foundation courses for medicine in freshman year but could not continue the following year. i did take pure chemistry and pure biology for Os but i scored B for those. my olevels results were painfully medicore (L1R5: 14) and did not take As.

a little backstory...

freshman semester 1 GPA: 2.9/4.0
sophomore semester 1 GPA: 3.1/4.0

the tragedy happened in junior year when i fell so sick i had to return to singapore, skipping my finals. had to retake them along with my other classes. including group projects (i had to redo them alone). my gpa fell drastically. when it was time to decide on a major, i picked finance because any other science course would have been too rigorous and other than science, i had no other interests. business was my best bet. versatile and given the workload, it could help with my GPA.

TLDR; i managed to raise my GPA from 1.9 to 2.8


1) will having a degree/work experience help with MBBS?
2) can i take BMAT to increase my chances?
3) or would taking As be more logical?
4) will interning at clinics help?
5) with such horrible scores, can i actually apply for MD?

last but not least, should i:

1) apply as a transfer applicant as i'm a singaporean who is a graduate of a university?
2) apply under aptitude-based (discretionary) admission?

a lengthy post but i wanted to provide relevant details so as to receive more accurate answers to save everyone's time. thank you so much for reading and if you decide to respond, i appreciate your advice in advance!
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