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well you have the cash to go overseas for your first degree, why not consider going overseas for your MBBS.

im not sure, but maybe Ireland might be more forgiving of your GPA if your MCAT is good. Should have a look at the Atlantic bridge program.

In their FAQ

Because GPA can be very subjective, the Irish Medical Schools, with the exception of Trinity College and University College Dublin, do not typically use specific guidelines around GPA for admissions purposes. For instance, Student A may have a slightly lower GPA than Student B, but Student A may have a much higher degree of difficulty in his / her degree or high school program. Also, many schools (especially in Canada) do not use a GPA system. So, there are many variables involved and therefore GPA is not always a useful system for assessing students for medical school as it can be misleading.

Consequently, the Admissions Committees tend to consider every application individually and on its own merits, taking into account (among other things) the degree of difficulty involved in the undergraduate degree or high school curriculum, the competitiveness of the school, the course load carried by the student, how the student performed academically and a number of other factors.

However, if applying to Trinity College your GPA or equivalent should be a minimum of 3.3 on a 4.0 scale. If you are applying to University College Dublin, your GPA or equivalent should be a minimum of 3.08 on a 4.0 scale.
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