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From the haze thread.

I think you all can get ready your APs and get additional new filters from TB or qoo10, if you haven't done so liao.

I think this year cannot run away liao, judging from the FFMC and DC maps and hotspot (clusters) on the red areas on the DC map, and also that end Aug to late September would be the peak of the dry season.

Today for Kalimantan

2015 Aug 31 (our Super El nino year with dense and prolonged haze).
We got our first major hit on 10 Sep (PM2.5 269 ug/m3), and 8th and 9th Sep we got 24-hr PM2.5 at > 40 ug/m3 "warnings".

Hotspot Fire Temperature Image (IR)

1-hr ug/m3 + PSI
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