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Go to FF. APSC Crop is waste of time.

Most of famous photographers and photos in past film era were use and shot in 35 mm film.

As we know 35 mm film was same as FF.

people in the past didnt use 35mm because it was 'good' they did so only because just the most popular standard back in those days. therefore it wasnt just something that 'famous' people used, anyone and everyone used it. It's like saying a famous esports gamer uses a mouse/keyboard with a USB connector.

To say that APSC crop is a waste of time would be a more convincing argument if you can argue from the standpoint of something like ecosystem support, and indeed Sony is an easy target if you need to find an example of a company that neglected its APSC system and cares more about its FF offerings.

But instead you chose to argue from the standpoint of some quasi-nostalgic film standard thing that is utterly meaningless to the modern user.

There's so many ways to argue why FF has advantage over crop sensor, and "FF is the 'same size' as a piece of film that kodak popularised in the 1930s" has to be one of the worst ways to support your argument.

Who on earth is going to use their FF mirrorless/DSLR to shoot and develop on kodak 135 film? Who on earth is going to take their 40-50 year old nikon F mount film-era lenses with no autofocus no stabilization etc, and use it on their modern nikon cameras?

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