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Come on, don’t be a nasty Singaporean. Speeding is an offence no matter where. Just pay even if you have no intentions of returning to Taiwan again. It will be most embarrassing if yr work required you to travel there and you get arrested upon arrival. Try explaining that to your HR/boss. Business conduct issue qualifies for immediate termination.

Hi all,

I was in Taiwan earlier part of this year. I rented a car and this morning, I received an email saying that I got a speeding ticket fine. Total of 1600 TWD. Equivalent to about 70SGD.

The thing is... somewhere mid of this year. I changed my credit card. So the card on their side is invalid. The email did state that should I not revert, they will take legal action.

What would happen if I actually act blur and ignore. Will they really be able to take legal actions? Or do you advise that I pay?

Thank you.
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