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A discussion about what doctors are tought, medicine and pharmaceutical, would have to start with
+ History of Rockefeller family bought into medicine
many more do your own research
+ US pharmaceutical USD1trillion (2018) business

Current western treatment for cancer - Chemotherapy using Mustard Gas developed by german nazi Bayer Company commissioned by Hitler to mass kill soldiers ? No brainer 90% of all cancer patient treated with mustard gas surely dies


Many study doctor medicine to be rich and medicine doctors treat profession to obtain their riches.

Yes, going back to plants herbal, there is a TCM course opening for registration below, however you will not be wealthy in TCM
Hahaha. Thank god for evolution which will probably extinguish your lineage but while you are alive pls don't spread your nonsense here.

Btw not true that u cannot do undergrad MBBS if you have a degree already. There are a few chaps in nus as such. One guy had a 1st class in electrical engineering even. However if u want to do graduate MD, u need a degree. But generally u need to have good grades.

Anyway, ts ah, I think u need to move on with Ur life la. Your grades are terrible. It's not easy to get such terrible grades really. Yes , u might be sick or whatever when u are having exams etc , but there are a lot of deserving students locally. Some of them went thru difficult phases in their lives and still get good grades ( eg lymphoma treatment during A levels, regular skin graft for a burns lady, one had PTSD from rape etc are some i meet).

Very few pple will give u a spot and deprive someone else more deserving.

Only schools which can profit off you will give u a spot. Irish schools, Australia schools are your realistic options.

And research, come on, you don't need a MBBS to do research. In fact u cant meaningful basic research with a MBBS because it's a professional degree.
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