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That means that the operators can try to expand their revenue lines on the drivers expense, because right now, drivers need the operators more than the operators need the drivers.

That's why, operators can afford to provide cheaper fares to riders who want it.

This has been discussed a few times......drivers want earn as much, and riders want to pay as little.

Operator is there to match the demand/supply and earn from the transactions, that's all.

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Cheapo refer to the passengers/comsumers not driver or operator.

Imo , need to have 2 criteria to call one cheapo.
1) obessive with low prices.
2) taking advantage of a situation.

An example/story below.

I saw an item in the supermarket. But it is priced at 10 dollars(taxi fare) . So i went over to next door wet market. I saw the same item priced at 9 dollars(GC fare) and the quality is same if not better than supermarket's.

At this point, most people will snap up the item at $1 discount and better quality! But i decide to ask for further discount. The stall owner said $8(JG fare) .

And i knew the unfavourable situation of the stall owner. (Drivers need G, G dont need you). So i ask fod 35%discount priced at 5.5 dollars(GS fare).

The stall owner agreed to sell because they need the sale despite the quality is good!

Morale of story : dont squeeze people's profit dry and dont kick someone down when they are in bad shape.

Be grateful that someone pick you up on a GS booking. Tip them if there is no match GS trip. Their day will be better.!!!
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