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They don't play by the rules. Our logic and theirs are different.Even returning the initial amount doesn't mean a thing to them. You think it's an act of goodwill, well you are talking about criminals. They don't follow any code of conduct.

It doesn't matter if you don't owe them anymore or anything. As long as you are scared of them and pay up, they will continue to harass you.

The moment you pay them, they will lock in on you. The only way out is don't pay and ghost on them. From that point on, they will have a hard time earning money from you.

And because of the nature of security in Singapore with the good work put up by our SPF, these LS cannot touch you.

My advice to those that got scam with forced loan is to let bank settle the money by showing the police report. Don't anyhow return back the money to the LS, even if they come begging.

Let SPF and bank handle the illicit money. There is no law regarding you keeping the money after reporting to police.

Whatever you decide to do with the money, never ever return it to the LS because they will use it on another victim.

We need to collectively teach them not to scam Singaporeans. Make them loose money scamming us.

Why not make them poor like what they did to us.

Because we never take any money so will they come up to harass and take money
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