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Because we never take any money so will they come up to harass and take money
The possibility and reality of them sending runners is there, even if you don't owe them anything. Don't get caught off guard, prepare your place with a CCTV. Defend yourself even if it comes to nothing.

They will harass you if you allow them by answering the door, their calls and messages.

They will take your money if you give them.

Runners are out to scare you only. Only stupid ones will create a scene at your place. They are usually are ninja-like in their work, touch n go.
The days of runners come and bang on your door to demand money are no more. But please, if they do, don't go and break their legs. Just call 999.😁

If you succumb to their harassment and pay, then blame yourself.

Let's put it this way. You pay them is like subscribing for them to continue harassing you if you don't pay.

If you call 999 when runners come, then half your battle is won. They usually leave your place as fast as possible after doing what they usually do. They, themselves are pretty scared of getting caught and are finicky and nervous.

If you block their calls and messages, then another half of the battle is won.

Final result, you win, they lose.

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