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Hi everyone,

I have been owing more than 20 ls, but decided to ghost out on 22nd aug. So far 4 runners have been caught red handed(all foreigners) . Due to fail of doing so, 1 of the ls post about 10 letters in my mailbox using singpost service. Threatening me to call him, if not they will sent 300 copies to my neighbour. Police report will be made later.

So just want to tell borrowers, STOP paying and ignore all their messages. Wish u all the best of luck of fighting this ls.
Hi Helloworld01. You did the right thing.

Please, to other victims, follow what helloworld01 did. I hope other victims are convinced that they can do it.

Just imagine 20 LS. None can touch him because this is Singapore, land of thousands of CCTV and hardworking Police.

We need to tell all these LS, Singapore is not a profitable place to run their "business".

Ghost on them, don't pay. They will give up. Still not convince?🤔👀

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