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Hi Helloworld01. You did the right thing.

Please, to other victims, follow what helloworld01 did.

Just imagine 20 LS. None can touch him because this is Singapore, land of thousands of CCTV and hardworking Police.

Ghost on them, don't pay. They will give up.
Just fyi, based on my experience on the 4 runners caught, its all between 7pm-10pm(weekdays), and 1 was caught on sun around 3pm. So far nothing happens during wee hour. But that is just based on my experience.

I guess its best to install CCTV with motion detection. I installed mine about $248/-. Rather than u keep paying this ls, its better for u guys to invest on CCTV, and spent on u and your family on you payday.

Its a lie if i said im not scared at the first week, but by reading this forum, it gives courage to be strong. Think back, until when we want to pay loan to ls.

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