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The Onda tablet can only do 2.4 bands.
Wa, your onda tablet must be very basic or very old to have only single 2.4ghz band (3-4years old ?)

Try to see whether in onda tablet wifi scan, is there a ssid like linksysxxxx_5ghz ? If there is,connect to it. It normally set to the same password as 2.4ghz band (ssid should be linksysxxxx). Usually in wifi scan,the 2.4ghz and 5ghz ssid will not be together, they will be separated far apart.

If can not see linksysxxxx_5ghz,then you got no choice but to login to the router,and make sure 2.4ghz channel,channel width are set to auto, and wifi mode set to mixed,like the link below :
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