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Lenovo S340 or C340

Hi all, my current laptop broke down all of a sudden and I'm planning to buy a new laptop this comex.

I hope to get some advice on which laptop to get. So far I've narrowed them down to the 2 mentioned, Lenovo's S340 or the C340 model. Looking at both 14", i5, 8gb RAM, MX230. Specs are similar except one has touchscreen (probably the C340) and the other one does not. I can't tell if there's any other differences between the 2 laptops based on the brochures I've looked at. Unfortunately, L340 is a bit off my budget 😭

I will be using it to do work (a fair bit of pictures and word processing) most of the time and watching videos occasionally.

Hoping to get something around 850 or less. Any shifus here can shed some light on the differences between these 2? Which one would be more value for money?

Any Lenovo guys around? PM me your price and booth number and hopefully, I'll be able to buy one from you tomorrow… 🤦🏻😆👍🏻
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