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Thx for the recs

Hmm, apart from note-taking, I would probably be using it to do the normal Uni student stuff/studying, like watching recorded lecture videos, reading & annotating online notes/textbooks/readings/articles, researching/browsing internet (eg. googling for stuff), ocassionally may use for presentations etc.

In that case would the Surface Go suffice?

Also, I am quite unfamiliar with IOS, would u still recommend me to give the ipad a try?
If you forsee having to install applications in the future that require more horsepower, then look at the Surface Pro series.

Surface Pro works more like your tradtional laptops with a tablet design. Surface Go focuses more on Windows Store apps ( microsoft equivalent of ios/android apps )

However if your usage is very much simpler, then you can choose between either iOS or Android depending on your preference of the apps eco system. Some people have already heavily invested buying apps in either can re-use apps by logging in the same account.
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