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Dlink 868L AP Mode causing wifi authentication issues

In order to avoid poor wifi coverage,i'm trying to configure an AP.
I have SH fiber ONT connected to DlinkPrimary's WAN port. From DLinkPrimary LAN port, I have a cable going to my study, into a DLinkSecondary's LAN port.
DlinkPrimary has SSID 'HomeNet' at 2.4GHz, and does the DHCP.
DlinkSecondary is in BridgeMode (acts like an AP).Its also configured for Wireless 2.4GHz, same SSID, AES cipher and password as DLinkPrimary.

As soon as i power on DlinkSecondary, wifi clients can no longer connect to the SSID - either they just try to connect and go back to just saying "Saved", or give a message saying "Authentication error occurred". if I switch off DLinkSecondary wireless, clients can connect.

My 5GHz network from DLinkPrimary continues happily.

DLink Primary Settings:
Wireless Security Mode = WPA-Personal
WPA Mode = Auto(WPA or WPA2)

DLink Secondary Settings:
I've tried both WPA and WPA2.

Both 868L routers are at the 1.12 F/W version, A1 H/W version.

Any pointers to troubleshoot this?
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