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Hi all,

I'm a Uni student looking to use a comupter/tablet (eg. microsoft surface) that has a good compatible stylus/pen to handwrite notes on the computer/tablet (eg. through an app like OneNote)

I am about to go to COMEX, any recommendations on what to get? Would like to try to get something below $2000+, but if it is worth the money to spend more than that, I would be ok with spending more too
I bought the Dell Inspiron 14 i5 model for $1085. Comes with an active stylus pen and is a 2-in-1 laptop (those that can fold to convert to tablet). Think it should suffice for your university use. Has a built in Geforce Mx130 discrete GPU. The lowest end discrete graphics you can find in the market, but I'm happy it runs my Gta5 at 720p resolution.

Dell laptops are pretty hardy as my last one was bought in 2015 and is still running fine.
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