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Follow the guide here : DIR-868L How To Setup Access Point (AP) For Router ?

As you can see there is not need to set any WPA or WPA2 on the AP.
It will auto grab all the necessary from the Primary Router.
All you just have to do is wait for 10 or 15 minutes.
Thanks, I did look at that doc. 2 issues with the doc:
1.Strangely, my router's Internet page only has a checkbox for "Enable Bridge Mode" - no dropdown with the other options shown there.Apparently this Bridge mode is the AP mode. I've also selected Static IP and not DHCP.

2.The doc doesn't say anything about wireless at all - I need to use it as wireless AP, and when I enable wireless checkbox on the DLinkSecondary in Wireless Settings, I necessarily have to select the SSID, security mode and cipher. Unless I select wireless, the AP is just a LAN extension.
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