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means ignore everything from them if u haven't changed number.

if u have changed number, then it means life goes on like nothing happened.
I have 'ghost' mine for 2 weeks. They don't have my new contact no so I am uncontactable to them. Only time to time my nok received calls from unknown numbers which they ignored/unanswered. Still monitor my cctv and surrounding. Just stay vigilant. But if they are/is/will send runner to my place then its their lost as they have to fork out to pay their runner. So far only 1 unfamiliar face that seems suspicious was captured from my cctv which I have confirmed with my neighbours if they know him. Which none of them claim have seen him b4 nor know him. I think he is the surveyor for the LS, maybe. If there is such thing. But I am keeping my fingers cross as my nok has also reported to the police and installed cctv. Just pray for the best for everyone. Please take care.
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