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Hi Hafi and everyone, thank you for the replies, i appreciate it,
i have read online and found out that it is illegal to be self-employed in my own business and be a full time employee elsewhere, is this statement correct?

Thank you
according to the law, this is not illegal. What is not legal is to attempt to hide or circumvent company policy when it specifically stated it as a restriction. SMEs have more leeway and lax about this so it all depends which company/employer you're going to work. The only place which can confirmed not allowed is government (civil service) and stats boards. As bro fluxos had acknowledged, being hush hush about it only brings trouble with your employer in the future.

The issue with you here is you already have a present business registered so its your responsibility to declare that during your interview. Whether they allow it or ask you to close it down will depends on your interpersonal skill to convince them that your part time business will not interfere with your regular work. Having a part time business outside of office hour is frowned upon by employers cos it takes away attention and productivity from your main work as employers feel they do not get the performance they have paid for (your salary) even when there no conflict of interest here. Another crux is that once your part time business takes off, you will certainly be quitting your job and bring your job expertise with you then they'll have to re-train and employ a new guy from ground up.

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