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so is therapy assistant relevant and do you have any website recommendation for me to volunteer such work that I can have better portfolio to get the interview ?
Aside from results, you will have to draft an application statement on why you want to go into the programme. A sustained volunteering stint, preferably in a community hospital/hospital/ healthcare setting, will be advantageous for you as you get to see what you will eventually deal with. They are looking for certain traits to be admitted to the programme, having some volunteering experience in said areas will help you draft that statement letter provided you had reflected on your experiences instead of a "going with the flow" mentality.

A therapist assistant role will most definitely help as well, again, provided you have learn something from it and managed to reflect it both in writing and in the interview.

There's still a little time until Feb or march where the application opens and closes to pick up those experiences which will assist you in the application. Good luck.
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