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For first timers, is 3D2N there too short? Which hotel would be good for two? Used to hear bad reviews on FWH, is it still as bad?

We donít gamble so itís really just a trip to relax and look see.
If you dun gamble, then it's more than enough.

Just follow the tips from the list of videos provided in this post for ideas of what to do.

I would also suggest paying Chin Swee Temple a visit if you have not been there.

FWH is functional and utilitarian. As long as you can dun mind the small area and keeps your expectations low, it's OK. The best thing about FWH is that it's near to where all the actions are.

If you can afford it, Resort Hotel would be a good compromise between cost and comfort. The rooms are bigger and the amenities are better. But it's a bit far from SkyAvenue.
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