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I have to disagree with this one. If those who can hit cpf ceiling and yet can't hit FRS with normal salary contribution, it goes so much to say cpf has set an unrealistic amount for FRS. If the top earners can't hit FRS, those earning much lesser will have all their money stuck at age of 55. This is a political suicide.
U are sharp! Another rubbish comment from him!

It's actually 6k x 17 months a year - 12 months OW and 5 months AW.

I don't think govt's intention is to let you hit FRS purely on salary contributions. They want you to do OA-SA transfers or SA topups. It also took many years before the ceiling was revised. 5k in 2004, then back to 6k 11 years later. It could take another 10 years to increase to 7k.
This (in red) is also rubbish to support his first statement!
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