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Realistically speaking, not everyone might clock the required mileage and qualify for the conversion from military to civilian license. You might end up waiting at the same spot more than driving distances (to clock the mileage).

LARK-V travels both land and water, so the distance covered via water might not be counted to your mileage for the conversion. Though the military might have updated their policy for this. You might want to clarify and find out more when there.

Iím not sure of the exact figures for the distance required to clocked. I last heard the bar might have been lowered abit too.
It used to be 7000km (for normal drivers) and no traffic offense. You will automatically get your class 3 upon ORD.

I heard its now 5000km and you get class 3 AND 4. That is a steal!

Not sure how it works now but when i was active, the sgts will give priority to those who are going to ORD, so all the long distance details will go to them. I'm pretty sure this is one of those unspoken rules.

Of course, there are ways to clock mileage, most of which you will find out when you get posted. All you need is paperwork
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