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they will send u letter , keep a look out usually ard 2 weeks the letter will come . Since u need to standby bailer .
Hi, i also took loans from UML. I received whatsapp and sms regarding the loans and i applied. I must say it is my biggest mistake and i really regretted it now. it affected me and my husband.

I took loans from 5 UML which 2 i paid their deferment. However, due to 1 of my late payment, the UML charged me late fee and threaten me by sending me video of my house. Thats when, my other UML payment was due and i had not enuf money to pay them. Thats when they started to **** me by using vulgarities. I did not pay them anymore (except those i had paid before lodging a police report. Some is their 1st defer payment, i never pay them at all).

Thats when i decided to inform my mother and ask her to accompany me to make police report (10.9.2019). They had my NRIC, NOK, company address and contact number. As for singpass, i had resetted my password on the same day i make police report.

The UML keep sending me whatsapp msgs of the threaten like coming up my house, burn my house, lock my house, using my NRIC to borrow from other UML, calling up my workplace and HQ telling them if i nvr return their call, they will come and harass the children in my school (im an educator actually).

I called up my I/O regarding all the harassment and he told me that this threat will keep coming in because they want to make me scared. He instructed me to install CCTV and call 999 if anything happens.

it has been 3 days since the harassment. My house is clear for now. But im still afraid and not at ease.

What should i do?
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