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Some more practical advice

The Golden Rules

1. DO NOT PAY anymore

2. Change all relevant numbers, it's inconvenient but it gives you a clear mind instead of having to deal with different threats the whole time

3. Install CCTV - it is a very good deterrent, and gives you power and a sense of security that you desperately need right now.

4. Have a can of paint remover, a paint scrapper, and some turpentine ready just in case. In case of lock or bicycle chain, call the police- they will turn up with the cutters in 10-15 mins. very efficient.

5. Line your doorstep (especially the cement area) with a large cheap wallpaper/ carpet. This makes it easier to clean up and not stain your doorstep cement

6. If you owe a lot of money, make sure that there is nothing flammable at your door leading to your living room, remove all carpets or boxes near the door. This is the most important advice (I was a victim of a fire attack).

Here are things that you might want to take into consideration to protect your family:

a. Fire attacks are usually caused by the runners using liquid accelerants and they will attempt to spray some under the door into your house. The fire is only as good as the time the accelerant burns, but it can be dangerous if there are things that can catch fire nearby.

b. if you ever kena a fire, the biggest damage you will suffer from is actually soot damage. you will find that the fire, even not that big, caused a shitload of soot to cover your house. your neighbours and the common corridor walls will also get one good layer. Cleaning is a chore.

c. Fire insurance for HDB is a godsend in these cases. Just call the agent and you should have a new coat of paint and a new fire door. again the pros will handle all these.

d. theres almost nothing you can do to clean up the soot. you will need a new coat of paint. so dont fret. but clean up so you dont have to live with the soot as the painters will only come a few days later.

e. If an episode happens, apologise to your neighbours. buy them some fruits or something. It was and will be a very frustrating time for them as well, especially if they have young kids.

Regardless, keep yourself safe. DO NOT PAY.
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