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As long as you have your family’s support, you don’t need to worry. Also, install cctv and probably inform your work place to prevent them from further harassment. Just explain to them you are being scammed. No one will know how long the phone harassment will stop. You need to change your number so you won’t add more to your stress. Even if they send runner up, they also need to pay them. How many times can they send? So just take it easy and heck care these idiots.

Thank you for the advise.

I dont loan them alot. Like per UML is about $500 to $1000.

My money was even gone because i paid to one of the UML for the admin and lawyer fees. Really regretted this now!!

My family and husband knows about this already. They are helping me to be strong but i cant forgive myself.

Like for now, 1 day i receive harassment from atleast 1 or 2 UML.

I also receive money from unknown source and the next thing, another UML (dunnoe who), whatsapp me saying my money in and now waiting payment.

Went to bank just now and ask them to revert the money back and requested to close my account. They could only do that after the revert was successful.

Im still using my current number. But whenever they whatsapp or voice call me, i nvr reply and answer their call.

May i know how long does this harassment continues?

Do you leave your house door open when u at home?
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